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thegospel.jpg (15425 octets) Produced by The Stranglers 
Rcorded at Air Studios, London, Musicland Studios, Munich, Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris, between January and August 1980
Released in February 1981

Just Like Nothing On Earth
Second Coming
Waiting For The Meninblack
Turn The Centuries, Turn

Two Sunspots
Four Horsemen
Thrown Away
Manna Machine
Hallow To Our Men

Hughinblack : Guitars and vocals
JJinblack : Bass and vocals
Daveinblack : Keyboards and vocals
Jetinblack : Percussions and vocals
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'The Gospel According To The Meninblack' was realised during the blackest period of The Stranglers.
During all the time when they were recording it, The Stranglers was confronted with a whole series of very serious events that can't be only put to fatality, or considered as a string of fateful coincidences. All those events had an obvious influence on the band and on the album in progress.

All the songs were written on a concept : the existance of strange individuals who visit the people who have witnessed extra-terrestrial activities and impress or menace them in order to make them understand that they should not mention what they saw. The interest for this topic had started one year earlier, with the songs 'Meninblack', on 'The Raven', and 'Who Wants The World?'. Jet Black was the first one to take an interest in those things.

Among the people who can be heard laughing at the end of 'Waltzinblack' were two members of the french band Telephone. They were recording in the same studios at that moment.

When The Stranglers arrived at the Pathe Studios, one year after they had been there for 'The Raven', they realized that the Rolling Stones were still here, recording the same album, 'Emotional Rescue' !

'Waltzinblack' was due to be the second single taken from the album, but EMI judged that an instrumental wasn't enough representative of The Stranglers. They decided thus to release 'Just Like Nothing On Earth' instead.